Settings Plus App for Windows Phone

Settings Plus

Today I created my first windows application, Settings Plus.

As a Windows Phone user myself, I did not see any applications out there that provides quick access to phone settings, especially to put the phone in silent mode (ringer and vibrate off). I really wanted this, so I dove in and started coding myself. I ended up creating a nice first application that lets the user pin Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular and Airplane mode directly to their Start. Unfortunately,  the SDK does not provide resources to modify the vibrate settings. Hopefully this will come in the future.

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Version 1.5

  • Added: Tile options for Accounts, Location and Lock settings.
  • Updated: Icons

Version 1.4

  • Added: Settings option to skip toggle page when clicking on tile within app
  • Removed: Vibrate Icon. Windows Phone SDK does not support vibrate access

Version 1.3

  • Added: Icons now display on tiles when adding to the homescreen

Version 1.2

  • Language Support for Spanish and Chinese (Traditional)

Version 1.1

  • Added vertical scrolling to quick toggle screen
  • Bug Fix: Airplane Mode Redirection
  • Bug Fix: General Tap/Click issues


  • Adhitya Bagus

    The app is nice. It would have been nicer you could make the app jump to start screen instead of main toggle page everytime I press back button from individual live setting tiles.

    • Steve

      i agree with you too, however Microsoft does not let an application close itself. only the user can exit by pressing the back key or the win key.

      There is a way to exit the app from a dev standpoint by creating an exception in the code, which is not good.

      As soon as the proper way is available to devs, I will add it 🙂

  • ShadowPhone

    i really would like to have a live tile that could send the phone to complete silent mode. Having to enter settings to disable vibrate is annoying. Please update your great app as soon as the SDK enables vibrate access!

    • steve

      That is why I first made the app, but the API is not available to completely silence the phone. No access to Vibrate, that is why no other ‘settings’ app lets you change the vibrate settings.

      • ShadowPhone

        Have you reported this issue to Microsoft? Did they respond in any way?