Poor Man’s Nokia Lumia 900 Dock

do it yourself

After seeing the Lego dock, but in possession of no Legos, I figured I could 1UP, err down, that masterpiece.
Behold, the box that it came in, dock! With Instructions.

1. Get your At&t box it came in.

2. Cut a small hole in the top cradle area, just above the recycle logo.

3. cut a smaller hole in the inside of the cradle area. Making sure to line up with usb port.

4. Push the usb through both holes.

5. Fold down flap and tuck back in.

6. Tap box flap back and wrap cords around.

7. Place on night stand and plug into the wall.

8. Slide the top of the phone in first, then the bottom.

9. Enjoy!

10. Landscape version to come!