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Bumbling Reindeer Gift Exchange

Image Credit: Santatelevision

Are you tried with the ho-hum Christmas Gift Exchange? How about a super fun modern mashup with the oh-so-popular cheek retractor game?

I present to you, the “Bumbling Reindeer Gift Exchange”

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Oprah uses a Surface Pro. Really this time.

oprah surface proAfter the Surface snafu last November, Oprah Winfrey¬†has finally made good with her “Best List” by using the Surface Pro during her new “Lifeclass” episode, aired this past Sunday.

I happened to flip through the channels and caught a glimpse of her using the Surface Pro with a pen in hand, in a preview commercial. I posted the video on last week with doubts from the community that it was actually a Surface, let alone a Surface Pro that wasn’t even available to the public.

Today I watched a recording of the show and can confirm that she is in-fact using the Surface Pro. She did not mention it specifically, but during the show, she did use it to answer an online quiz, which did have the “Surface” logo on it. Also, there were plenty of Surface (RT) commercial in between the show.

Quiz with the Surface logo



And here we go!

I welcome myself to this blog, since I am the only one on here. Hopefully I can provide some inspiration and help to others with my Thoughts and Code.

Hopefully there will be enough exciting things in my life, that I can write something daily on here.