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Configuring Redmine Incoming Emails on Windows


Redmine can read from an email account and update tasks with the following rake command:
rake -f “C:\Ruby187\Apps\redmine-1.1.2\Rakefile” redmine:email:receive_pop3 RAILS_ENV=production password=”password”

This is good, however we need to set up a Cron Job to make it check on a defined schedule. To do this, we install Pycron as service:

Now open the crontab.txt Editor.

Browse for your rake.bat file in the Command area, then enter the rest of your parameters in the Parameters area.

Test and done!

Easy Merge Duplicate Contacts in Outlook


You want a free, easy way to merge duplicate contacts in Outlook?

Forget about plug-ins, add-ins and paying for software. I have 2 easy steps to merge contacts in Outlook.

1. Delete duplicate contact

2. Ctrl+z to restore contact

As long as the Full Name is the same, Outlook will bring up the “Duplicate Contact” dialog box, which will allow you to merge the contacts.

Make sure you have “Check for Duplicate Contacts” under Tools->Options->Contacts and Notes (Checked by default)