Painlessly switch from Google Apps to Microsoft Part 1:Email with

Just a back story: I did attempt to move my custom domain to Microsoft’s service awhile back and it was not friendly nor did it look like it was actively supported at the time, so I decided to stick with Google until now. Microsoft uses a service called to handle custom domains routed to live services, such as, profiles, calendars, etc. Instead of using a or or, or passport¬†email address, you can use your own purchased domain to utilize their services. Since I am using all MS products now (laptop, phone, surface and xbox), Continue reading

Import contacts in CSV format to Windows Hotmail

Now-a-days everyone is linking accounts and data, rather than keeping them in sync. So if you have multiple accounts with an addressbook or contact list, it makes it hard to keep them up-to-date, especially once you unlink them. 1. First export your contacts from your program or web app of choice. For me it was Google’s Gmail. 2. Then from Hotmail, click on Contacts, Manage, then Import. 3. Remember, clicking on an app will link the contacts, not sync. We must choose ‘Outlook’, which will take you to an upload form. 4. Browse and attach your csv and upload. 5. Continue reading