Bumbling Reindeer Gift Exchange

Image Credit: Santatelevision https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVQy7TDTcdpAeAETolnl1DA

Are you tried with the ho-hum Christmas Gift Exchange? How about a super fun modern mashup with the oh-so-popular cheek retractor game?

I present to you, the “Bumbling Reindeer Gift Exchange”

If you have played both games, the rules are fairly simple and similar.


  1. Speak Out, Watch Ya’ Mouth or have the Must Say It¬†cheek retractors.
  2. Bumbling Reindeer Christmas Phrases РOver 200 phrases!

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Bumbling Reindeer Gift Exchange Rules:

  1. Everyone gets a number.
  2. Base on total players, groups are created with 3 to 4 players.
  3. Player #1’s group goes first.
  4. Player #1 picks a phrase to say out of a bag.
  5. Player #1 reads the phase to themselves and then shows the phrase to the other groups not playing as they will officiate.
  6. Player #1 puts in a mouthpiece, flips the timer and then reads the phrase to their group.
  7. Player #1’s group must try to repeat the correct phrase before the time runs out.
  8. If Player #1’s group guesses correctly, they all pick 1 gift to steal or open new.
  9. If time runs out before the group successfully answers, play moves to the next group and the person with the lowest number goes first.
  10. When play comes back around, the next lowest number player is selected to play.

Gift Exchange Rules:

  1. All gifts are place in the center of the room
  2. Gifts can be taken from the center or stolen from a player.
  3. Every time a gift is taken, a sticker is added to it.
  4. A gift with 3 stickers is marked ‘frozen’ and can no longer be taken or used to swap.
  5. A player can take the same amount of $25 gifts as they deposited when the game started.

Ending the Game:

There are two ways the game can end:

  1. All Gifts are Claimed
    1. All the ‘center’ gifts are taken by the last group to play, and the next group to win chooses not to steal.
  2. All Gifts are Frozen
    1. Game continues to play until all gifts are marked as frozen.

Enjoy! If you like,